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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Metz, France area.

Metz -- capital of Lorraine in northeastern France, on occasion called the Garden City, and pronounced in French as "mess" -- graces eastern banks of the River Moselle. It ranks as a regional cultural, commercial, and transportation center, producing tobacco, food, and wine. A Middle Ages capital of Carolingian Kings, Metz as of the 1970s has become a university city linked by highway and rail tracks to Paris, Strasbourg and Brussels. Over time, Metz has repeatedly changed hands, losing and regaining independence on several occasions. In 1552, it declared itself an independent republic, only later to be absorbed by France. After Napoleon III surrendered to Kaiser Wilhelm I, Germany took over Metz, restored to France in 1918 at WWI’s conclusion. Then Nazi Germany re-annexed the city in 1940, with the Allies liberating it in 1944.

Metz, blooming with well-kept flower beds and other scenic landscaping, is known for its medieval cathedral of Saint-Etienne, near the Grand Hotel de Metz, surrounded by cafes and bars. A multitude of Gallo-Roman ruins in and around Metz include an aqueduct, thermal baths, and part of an amphitheater. Also within the Lorraine region is the lovely Nancy, home to an ornate city hall, the Musee des Beau Arts and the Musee Historique Lorrain, tracing the region’s illustrious history. Lorraine crystal is produced in Nancy’s Daum factory. Skiing, biking and hiking, hot air ballooning, and river barging are popular in the region, dotted with family-owned inns, bed and breakfasts, and small hotels.

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Lodging located in the northeastern corner of France in Metz and surrounding cities including Augny, Tinqueux, Woippy and others. This area is served by Metz/Nancy/Loraine Airport (ETZ).
Lodging located just south of Metz in Nancy and surrounding cities including Frouard, Laxou, Houdemont and others.
Lodging in Mulhouse which is located southeast of Metz and Nancy near the German border. This area also includes hotels in the nearby cities of Colmar, Schiltigheim, Sausheim, Besancon and others.
Lodging in Troyés, located in the Champagne region of France. Troyés is famous for the ten churches located in the city centre and for its civil architecture.
·Surrounding Commumities
Lodging located in cities surrounding the Metz/Nancy area including Honfleur, Chantilly, Lesquin, Cabourg and others.

Area Facts: Metz is the capital of both Lorraine and Moselle, and is the cultural center of the region. The international dialing code for France is 33.

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